101 Food health and fitness-focused start-up that produces low-calorie diet-friendly meals to help you achieve your fitness goals. What we do is rooted in the understanding that every person has a different lifestyle and the factors that affect it. 101 Food offers a more personalized approach by addressing the various needs of the clients based on their fitness goals, and then assisting them in creating a diet plan towards it.Thus, we keep nutrition basic by simplifying the technicalities of dieting. We hope to reduce the difficulties of the transition and continuance of a fit and healthier lifestyle. 


“We keep nutrition basic”

To simplify nutrition and diet towards a fit and healthy lifestyle.


To make enjoyable simple diet food available to all.

The long term goal is to make healthy meals more affordable, and assist in elevating individuals for success by fueling them with quality food. This is our way of empowering committed and driven individuals by enabling them to focus their effort and time toward their goals while being fit and healthy.

101 PREP is a meal subscription service of cooked healthy meals for any fitness goal – Weight loss, Health Maintenance, Weight Gain, and Athletic Performance. We  take care of the client’s diet and make getting in shape easier by doing all the heavy  work of planning, cooking, and counting the macronutrients of  their food.

Customer Culture, Commitment, Competence. Customer culture makes improving the customer experience in adapting to a fit and better lifestyle is our top most priority. We value commitment to making a fit and healthy simple and easier for determined individuals to achieve their fitness goals. With 101, we equip them with tools, from meals to manuals, chat support and more, to gain competence in learning more about what works for their body and pursuing the fit lifestyle long term.


Identifying these fitness goals are essential in creating a good plan and determining the needed approaches in assisting our clients. We assist our clients move toward their fitness goals by providing them tools in addition to our products and meals. Every time they consume 101 meals, we hope to make them feel like they are taking a step closer towards the lifestyle and body they aspire. 

The 101 Fitness pillars:

  • Fat Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Health Maintenance
  • Performance 

Consuming 101 meals and products are the client’s tangible micro wins in their journey towards self-love. The milestones they reach are the results brought by their consistent micro wins to eat better. These results are not only physical, but mental and emotional as well.At 101, we define results as: 

  1. Change in the numerics ( weight, body measurements, etc.)
  2. Physical appearance ( how  they look, if they like how they look)
  3. Mental and emotional benefits (a more positive mindset, confidence, pride, building the mental fortitude, etc.)
  4. Biological and health benefits ( more energy throughout the day, more focus on tasks, better sleep, etc)
  5. Enthusiasm towards a healthy and fit lifestyle ( increased interest to know more about fitness, getting to know their body responses better, understanding flexible dieting and applying it on their own, etc.)  


The aforementioned are the common expected results when the transition towards this fit lifestyle is done right, and constantly over time.

A 101 PREP subscription includes all features of the meals and services included in delivering your meals. Both subscriptions include the Meal type and size options. However, the Basic subscription has fixed features like number of meals per day and duration. This subscription has two (2)  meals per day for (5) days.  While the customized subscription includes other malleable features like food exclusions, add-ons, and other service requests. Another main difference between basic and customized subscriptions is the types of meat or protein sources included in the meals with the latter having more choices of higher quality sources. 

  • Customized: diet designed around your needs
  •  Standard: fixed diet plan

Meal types are how your meals are composed through various sources of food to ensure your macronutrients. The Daily Balanced meals have similar portions of Carbs and Protein while The LCHP or Low Carb High Protein have more portions of protein than carbs.

Meals are delivered in meal kits. The standard is worth 2 days with 2 meals a day. Delivery schedules are usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 to 10:30 AM. For special cases, we may accommodate Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday deliveries especially for Customized subscriptions only. Daily deliveries are accommodated under the customized subscription and will include a base customization fee on top of the delivery fee.

Order again through the website using your account.

Directly place an order and set the start of your subscription to your desired date. Order must be settled to reserve your slot.

Strictly no cancellation of orders once placed and paid, and once the delivery of meals have started.  However, you may transfer your ordered subscription to another individual within 24 hours of your purchase. In cases where we have delivered some of your meals and you wish to transfer the remaining meals to another individual, you may do so with a 500 PHP service fee. You may reach us through our official Facebook page to make any of these changes or email us at 101.food.official@gmail.com.

101 athletes embody the 101 values of both competence, commitment, and integrity in excelling in their respective sports. Their accomplishments are valuable due to their work ethic, character, and the way they treat others. The way they handle their accomplishments and the rise to the top, portrays the kind of athlete they are. 

We provide sponsorships and support because 101 believes that these model athletes are  deserving of more opportunities to excel in their sport and inspire others.If you think you are fit to be a 101 athlete, you may email us at 101.food.official@gmail.com to apply.

101 Affiliates are  establishments or individuals that connect 101 to those who are in need and interested to start 101 PREP to kickstart or maintain a  fit lifestyle. They share our advocacy and commitment in promoting wellness and growing the fitness industry. 101 Affiliates will receive commissions, promos, and exclusive special offers.  If you’re interested in working with us, you may email us at 101.food.official@gmail.com or contact us at +639 17 845 2146.

101 Partners are on a per event, activity, or project basis. We value  opportunities to reiterate our advocacy in 101 which is to promote fitness, and  contribute  to the local community. If you are interested in partnering with us you may email us at  101.food.official@gmail.com or contact us at +639 17 845 2146.